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Respect Small Business and stop using automation to fire developers

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Google frequently terminates (fires) developers for minor policy violations and even for following the policies perfectly. Google automates the entire process, provides almost no explanation, and allows no real defense. Google needs to start using a human-based approach for managing future policy violations (which Apple and the Amazon Appstore already do) and reconsider previous automation-based suspensions.

Please help by signing. Google should have all the same responsibilities any normal employer has (such as Walmart). Nobody would stand for it if Walmart fired employees so easily, so don't let Google keep doing it.

Users are hurt because great apps are taken off the Google Play Store, preventing them from using the best apps available.

Developers are hurt because their careers are damaged/destroyed. Sometimes a loss of livelihood

Google needs to take responsibility for how they are affecting small-time developers who are just trying to learn a skill, develop a career, make a living, or make great software for people. Google needs to enforce their rules, but promote innovation, not stop it.

Here are just a few examples of how Google's over-automation has caused damage:

• Jakar Co - ALL my apps were terminated after 3 very similar phone locator apps were suspended for allegedly being "promoted as a means of carrying out spying or surreptitious tracking of others." which is completely wrong One app titled "Missing Phone Locator" had in the description "locate your phone if you left it in the office, lost it [etc]". The intent was clearly to find lost phones, not to spy, but Google removed my apps anyway. The rest of my apps and my account were terminated because of "multiple policy violations" from those unfair/invalid app removals.

• Vibe Valut - A free, ad-free, open source app for listening to music from
This app was removed for using misleading, or excessive keywords in apps descriptions, titles. It did none of these things. The developer appealed and Google denied the appeal with no further explanation.

• Better Android Apps - They found their Developer account was no longer accessible, so they send an email to Google, saying:

Our developer account was suspended today, we have no ideas why. Can you please take a look and let us know? We believe we have not violated any android market policy.
Only for Google to response:
Your Android Market developer account has been suspended due to violations of our developer agreement and policies. You may view these terms here: [link] [other link]

• There are many other examples. Most of which are over-reactions by Google. Some suspensions are completely valid, but they still are not handled well by Google. If employers (Walmart, Target, AT&T, etc) treated employees the way Google treats developers, there would be significant legal reparations.

In Google's defense:

I have recently read that Google began a '14-day warning' policy. If that's true, then that is a significant improvement from a few months ago, but is still far from good enough.

See the petition letter below for a clear explanation of the goals.

See the Full Story for more information.

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