Provide software updates to older Andoroid devices

Provide software updates to older Andoroid devices

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How many of us have old mobile phones lurking in a drawer? Lack of availability to software updates in older models often renders the phone prematurely obsolete; resulting in many potentially working phones being discarded in drawers or worse simply thrown away. On average, each Briton throws away between 20 and 25kg of e-waste each year. Most of the refuse ends up in landfills, is incinerated or simply piles up unused in people’s homes. (The Telegraph 2017). There is an environmental need to reduce our extraction of raw materials used in making phones and to cut the impact of disposing of them into landfill sites. We propose that Phone carriers, venders and Google work together to allow older phones to have easy access to software updates.

Hacking, privacy and security

Older devices are more suseptible to hacking and other security flaws as new vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited, older devices just do not receive the patches to prevent any damage to be caused. Most people use mobile devices to do banking so unpatched devices can be hacked thus, potentially gaining access to your bank and stealing money.

Slowness, overheat, quality of life and relibility

As a device gets older, it becomes slower. This is because new technology makes it difficult for old devices to catch up, this technology could include new emojis, animations and other features like multitasking modes and picture-in-picture mode or floating chat heads. Here I am talking about new features from applications, the operating system (Android) needs to be updated to fix bugs and run smoother. These apps take up more and more Random Access Memory (RAM), which can kill important apps like phone call managers and text managers that are based in the operating system. 

Who hates a slow device, nobody, that is why we want more updates, we pay high prices we want high quality of service.

Project Treble

Treble started with Android Oreo, version 6. it was intended to make the OS more modular so that venders could provide updates faster. The problem is that any devices running lower versions than 6 are not included; and that not every device had to be a part of Treble so many devices will not get updates regardless. Those that are participating are not guarenteed to send updates either. 

To extend Project Treble to include older Android phones. Companies should be encouraged to participate in this with the use of targets, penalties and incentives. This would extend the working life of older models of phones.

Project Mainliene

It is designed to further modular the OS by allowing graphics drivers to be updated in the play store so that user do not have to perform a huge update, sadly this is only available on Android 10 and above. 

To check your Android version and check it for updates, go to system settings, scroll down to the bottom and press 'About device' and then press 'System update'. (These steps will vary per device). 

In some cases the device will say there are no updates, this is either because the device has been abadoned (which is what we are fighting against) 


Plug in your USB cable to your laptop/deskp computer and follow manufacturer instructions for system updates.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!