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On March 13, Google announced that it was sunsetting Google Reader, its popular RSS feed reader.

Unfortunately, many of us still use Google Reader as a vital way to digest a variety of news sources. Google Reader provides a clean, simple way to keep up with the day's events, whether for professional or personal purposes.

Many of us live online constantly - often using a wide range of Google's products in the process. While we understand and respect your ability to make changes to the products you offer (for free), we also have faith that the data we keep and use online won't be suddenly yanked away from us. 

Unfortunately, it seems that's exactly what's happening with your decision to kill Google Reader. We hope you'll prove us wrong.

Google, please reconsider your decision to kill Google Reader!

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Software and Product Management Google
Please don't kill Google Reader!

In an increasingly busy world, many of us use Google Reader to keep track of the latest news and developments, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Please reconsider your decision to kill Google Reader!

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