Google, Suspended Our App and Terminated Our Developer Account Without Giving any Support

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Summary of the Petition

  • First of all we introduce our-self. We are Avanti Developer team and we working in android development from last 2 years.
  • Now, On 22 August 2019, we publish our app on play store. In 1st month we got huge attention from the all over the world because we give an easy way to get spins and coins of coin master links but we surprised on 09 October 2019, when we find mail of app suspension and removal.
  • The mail stated that "Our app made violation of network abuse policy and section 4.8 and 4.9 of developer distribution agreement". In our mind, question rise that if there is a problem with our app, why they not found it before publishing it live? So we believe that it was occurred by error.

We appeal for it that our app don't violate any policy that stated in mail. The reply email received that our policy support team check your app and get back in 3 business days means in 72 hours.

  • After 5 days still no single response from policy support team. Finally, Google terminated our developer account without giving any single response to our appeal.

About Our App

  • Our app give an update of daily reward links for coin master. This links are deep links of coin master(Android Developers and Experts very well-known about deep-links). These links give an in-game credits to users. These links are officially published by Coin Master on their social media accounts(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Newsletter).

We made collection of all links from all social media and list them in our app. Is it any wrong to give a links that are officially provide by Coin Master Game?

Not Proper Support System for Developers

  • In case of here we have an issue with Admob or Google Ads, There are direct phone call and customer support but when we talk about developer support they give us an old form that we have to submit for support and didn't give an guarantee that you will get an answer from support team.

Every day thousands of developer lost their developer accounts without get an proper reason behind termination and when developers appeals, they just give an automated reply that "As much as I'd like to help, I’m not able to provide any more information or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me" and All your career killed in just a minute and you can't do anything.

I read many blogs for it and finally get an inspiration from the Pablo A. Martínez who get back their publisher account.
Link of Pablo A. Martínez's post:

Google just terminated our start-up Google Play Publisher Account on Christmas day

Google Hiding Their Support Mistake by send different support message 

  • As we discuss before, we appealed for re-instate our app because we believe that our app didn't violate any google play policy which stated in the email but can you guess what happened next?
  • Google terminate our account without giving reply to our appeal. 
  • Because why? We clear that it's our 3rd and last strike of good standing developer account and we strongly believe that we are not making any mistake but google bot making mistake every time. so they didn't give any support reply and terminated our account.
  • Now, in reply of appeal,guess what they send message to us. They added that "Your account has multiple violations so we don't re-instate your developer account"(the same template they use for every developer support by changing administrator's name like jolly, wikki, etc.).
  • We tired out of this, we want support for our app and we receive the support message for developer account. Very annoying support team ever. 

Our appeal to all of you, please raise the voice against the Google for proper developer support on every platform because developer's future with this company is no more.

Dear Purnima Kochikar, Please let us have the nerve to say that something is problem at Google Play from the developer's perspective and nobody seems to be able to help us. Nobody give us a single reply of our appeal and terminated our account.

Please help us by sign the petition with #AskPlayDev #BringBackPigMaster #PigMaster #GiveProperSupportToDevelopers.

Google Social links @Twitter: Purnima Kochikar Director Google Play, Apps & Games at Google , GooglePlayDev, Googledevs , GooglePlay, GoogleDevsIN, Google, GoogleIndia

Our absolute last hope is for the good people reading it & like, share and comment on this post in the hope that the Google team will do the right thing and reinstate our app and give back our developer account.

Thank you in advance for all supporters.

Developer Avanti Team.