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Google Needs To Support Fixes For Their Phones

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For months, Nexus & Pixel phone owners have dealt with issue after issue, particularly related to the battery and mic software/hardware: The battery dying within 4-6 hours with minimal use, The phone dying entirely with 15%-85% battery left, The mic being inoperable which diminished call quality, among other things.

We rely on our phones for work, our businesses, contact with our loved-ones, emergencies and more. What if your child's school called and you were out and about and couldn't call back because your phone decided not to boot, or a call from a loved one in the hospital and they couldn't hear you, or maybe even a very important business call.

Google should be doing everything in their power to fix the issues across all of their Nexus and Pixel branded phones. Yet, we are skipped over. Well, we say "NO MORE!" 

The fact that Google has chosen to mark these issues as a small priorities shows a lack of care and concern for the consumers who have purchased their products. Simply put, action needs to be taken and SWIFTLY!

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