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Recall Nexus 5 phones. The screen shatters on minor impact.

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Huge corporations like Google an LG are looked up to by people across the world. They put their trust in such iconic companies and buy their products believing they would get their money's worth. The new Google phone Nexus 5 produced by LG has received overwhelming response and has gone out of stock multiple times since it was launched a couple of months ago and still has a waiting period of weeks in some countries. This much awaited phone from Google was lauded for being an outstanding device and yet priced reasonably. I like so many others bought a Nexus 5 and looked forward to a great ownership experience.

Alas this was not to be, and a few weeks after I got my phone it got knocked out of my hand while I was seated at a table. I wasn't too concerned as it was hardly a two feet drop and I have had phones which have had far worse falls without any issues. However when I picked up the phone I was shocked to see the screen all cracked up and the phone completely dysfunctional from the minor drop. I was completely aghast by the fact  that a INR 33,000 phone from Google and LG, a device which is prone to and should be reasonably capable of taking such minor impacts during normal use was shattered by a small 2 ft drop.

I re-ckecked the specs of the phone which say it's screen is made from a very tough and sturdy glass called Gorilla Glass 3 from Corning. I wrote to google and LG expecting them to look into such an incident with concern. Both companies however advised me to get the phone shown to the LG service center in my city for a paid repair.

I then looked up this issue online and found that the internet was already flooded with unfortunate souls like me whose Nexus 5 devices had broken screens either from small knocks or for no apparent reason.

It seems Google and LG have launched Nexus5 without appropriate testing and the phone either has a design flaw or the screen glass is of sub-standard quality. This is causing thousands of unsuspecting buyers like me to lose their money while these Giants laugh their way to the bank.

I hope people will support this petition and not let Google and LG get away with their criminal disregard for their consumers.

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