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Include Accessibility in All Products!

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Google Accessibility!

I'm starting this petition in complete frustration. Google has declared to the world it's dedication to accessibility. This is a disingenuous statement on the company's part. The only Google products that have accessibility in mind are the ones you must provide by law. That includes browsers and email. The rest were either half -hearted attempts or no attempt at all.

The first example of this is Google +. The blind community has been pointing this out since its inception. That was 3years ago with no improvement for the blind community. Not every button or label is clearly marked. With this product; even with the accessibility that is included. Frankly; its not useable.

Most accessibility that is implemented into Android comes from 3rd parties. Not Google! This is why Android is not a viable option to many disabled individuals. I certainly don't want to spend all day finding work-arounds to your platform. Just to get task done. Where Apple's software works out of the box for the disabled user.
Google just released Hangouts. Again all buttons and labels aren't clearly marked. It shows again that Google didn't have disabled in mind when designing product.

According to the W. H. O.; their are 285 million people with some varying degree of blindness. That is quite a large market -share you aren't including with your products. I would say it's a community you don't want to lose.

Apple designs their products with accessibility in mind from the start. Even if execution isn't perfect. The intention was clearly there. That is why so many disabled people purchase Apple.

That is why your company got on the accessibility band wagon to begin with. you saw profit Google was losing. Their is a difference though. Your actions are disingenuous. Where Apple's weren't. If your company really has accessibility in mind; put up or shut -up! This petition was started to tell the world the reality of the situation.

The disabled community is tired of hearing accessibility features are coming in updates. They should be there from the beginning. Stop treating your disabled customers as a second -class citizen. Moreover; stop treating them like they don't exist at all. We have the right to live a productive life like everyone else.

When you lose the support of the disabled community; don't expect to get it back Google. There are plenty of companies who are living up to the accessibility creed of running their business.

I implore all too sign this petition. Let Google know that not including the disabled community in their products is shameful. Let them know their products depend on your support. Tell them you are willing to use other products if they don't include everyone the use of their products.

Thank you for your time and support, JP. Shandra

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