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Youtube: "Limited Or No Ads" Monetization Policy Needs Change

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Hey, you may know me as Heel By Nature on Youtube. I provide daily wrestling news. We have over 20,000 subscribers. We are writing this petition to show Youtube that we need more transparency in their new ad policy system.

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Youtube has implemented new monetization icons which automatically flags videos they deem as inappropriate. The new system automatically produces "limited or no ads" on the video.

This system will automatically flag videos before they are posted and provides no information why the video is not suitable for advertisers. 

You must manually have the video reviewed before it's granted full monetization. 

Youtube's announcement of new monetization system


  • Be more transparent with content creators on reasoning why videos are not suitable for all advertisers
  • Create troubleshooting system for creators to take the guesswork on why videos are deemed not suitable for all advertiser
  • Allow false positives to earn lost revenue during review process


Earlier this year, the YouTube content creation community, advertisers, and YouTube itself were struggling to find an agreeable way to monetize videos. Advertisers want their ads displayed on relevant videos, but don't want them shown on controversial or inappropriate videos. YouTube and content creators both want to maximize ad placement to increase profits.

Youtube recently unveiled new icons to let creators know what extent videos can be monetized. They claim it gives you a new way to appeal directly in Video Manager for copyright and community guideline issues.

The new icons:

Green Dollar Sign Icon: The first is a green dollar sign which indicates your video is earning money from the broadest set of advertisers as well as YouTube Red.

Yellow Dollar Sign Icon: The next classification is a yellow dollar sign, which means creators are still earning from YouTube Red but there are limited or no ads on the standard YouTube platform.

Slashed Out Dollar Sign: Finally, a slashed-out dollar sign means videos will get no revenue from YouTube Red or advertising. "This might be because of a copyright strike, Content ID claim, or Community Guidelines strike," it explains. (A "strike" means the video has been taken down completely, so it obviously isn't earning any revenue.)

The issues with new system:

Youtube claims that these new icons don't change your earnings in any way, and gives you a more detailed understanding whether your video has been identified as not suitable for all advertisers.

Youtube has an appeal system, but will only review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days.

Youtube's review process is done manually and the most mileage out of a video comes within the first day in some instances, that revenue is lost once Youtube deems the content appropriate.




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