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YouTube keeps deleting the views from BTS's new Music Video 'ON'. There is no way to contact them directly, there has been no explanation or any response on that matter. Over 100 million views are missing. This is unfair and frustrating not only for the artist but also for the fans.

We demand YouTube to make an official statement, apologize to fans and the artist, be transparent in regard to their policy and prove that deleted views were not valid. On top of that we demand all the valid views to be returned to the video as soon as possible.

This is a sign of  a very dangerous  situation. In this modern age we live in YouTube views are a currency of a kind and the process of counting and validating them is up to the platform itself and goes unsupervised. That allows it to be easily manipulated and leaves room for corruption. Deleting views from someone's view history is simply not okay.

Lack of any response as well as no way to contact YouTube staff directly to report a possible glitch or faulty algorithm adds up to this frustrating experience. 

All we want is transparency and fairness. Say no to those abusing their power. In order to keep it fair YouTube has to have a valid view counting system in place.

We want our millions of views  back!