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We want google to accept dogecoin on google play!

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Many people today are using crypto currencies, Dogecoin however has one difference compared to the rest; It's fun!

People within the dogecoin community are kind hearted and generous. Tips and gifts of large sums of Doge flow like water all the time and the people within the community are very welcoming with a great spirit. It would be fabulous if Google would start accepting dogecoins as payment on Google play because we feel that a greater ability to spend Doge outside of the community will bring in more members and help to take the value of Doge to the next level. (It can't hurt Google's business either!)

Vote with your signatures and let Google know how strong our user base already is!

Sincerely, /r/dogecoin, Adam Fletcher/MrPrime, Onni Härkönen and all shibes!

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