Tell AdWords to Stop Banning Honest Customers

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Google AdWords has been suspending accounts of honest business owners for years. If your reading this, it may have happened to you. Or it may randomly happen to you in the future, as it has to so many others. I found this out recently through personal experience. I, like so many others, worked so hard on my online business, put in so much time and effort. But without the ability to advertise online, all the hard work may have been for nothing.

There are so many stories out there of AdWords customers having their livelihoods destroyed, their dreams crushed. The panic that sets in is unsettling. They never receive a warning, no phone calls, not even a detailed explanation of what they need to do to make their campaigns abide by Google AdWords policy. Many times, the advertiser has not violated policy rules at all. And Google makes it extremely difficult for you to fix the issue.

Once you've been banned, they have no interest in assisting you any further. They treat their banned customers with utter disdain. You may be thinking there are alternatives. 

The truth is Google is a monopoly. They have a 70% market share. And if your trying to sell your products or services to people younger than 35, good luck. That's what makes them get away with being so cold to their customers. 

To make matters worse, AdWords' suspension behavior has spawned a new industry of services promising to get people un-banned. Since so many people's livelihood have become dependent on AdWords, these services have been able to feed off their desperation. Even more disturbing, Google actually allows those ads to run.

There are certainly some circumstances where account suspensions are warranted. But AdWords' account monitoring has been reckless and inconsiderate. Once suspended, customers are provided with vague explanations, never fully explaining the specific violation.

Google, we challenge you to do better. We call on you to treat your customers with the same respect you have for your visitors. Change your policy to put your customers' interests ahead of your own. Un-suspend and help honest business owners return to AdWords. We help you stay in business. Now help us stay in business.

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