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A groundbreaking initiative sponsored by the Environmental Credit Score Foundation

There has been much debate on how to best preserve our natural resources while still advancing our nations as economic powerhouses. This discourse has often been fraught with misconceptions and polarized viewpoints. Yet the reality is that we only have one earth, and if we don’t take care of her gifts, mankind will eventually be left helpless. Due to the pressures of overconsumption, population growth, and our increased dependency on technology, the biophysical environment is being severely compromised – in some cases permanently.

We’ve come to the point where environmental protection is the responsibility of all of us – individuals, corporations, organizations, and government entities. But how to get everyone on board has been the critical question!

We recently launched a new nonprofit organization, Environmental Credit Score Foundation, based in Lewes, Delaware, U.S. Our main mission is to establish an environmental protection rating system (Environmental credit Scoring System) using a patent-pending system that assigns a numerical score indicating a company or individual's ‘environmental creditworthiness’ according to their actions and efforts in regard to environmental activities.

We envision that there will soon be a nationally recognized and accepted environmental credit score that is able to reflect the environmental footprint of any individual, business, organization or entity and can be used like the community service by universities in making admission, scholarship and award decisions. In a larger sense, it could be a factor in hiring decisions, landlord-tenant decisions, and institutional priorities to name a few...

We anticipate that businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies will see the far-reaching implications of our project and will support its development and implementation because, once our environmental credit score is in place, there will be an increased interest in finding ways to utilize it and the returns will be impressive. Consumers will begin purchasing environmentally friendly products/services and participating in other environmental protection activities that contribute to the health of the environment to improve their scores. At the same time, they will have a direct impact on the business plans of companies who, as a result, will begin to respond to their preferences and will offer only environmentally sensitive products and services.

This creates a cycle whereby individuals, businesses, and other entities to work together to protect the environment while also serving their self-interests.

When a company registers with our organization as a partner, it becomes publicly accessible to users who would like to improve their environmental credit scores. By participating in environmental protection activities and purchasing environmentally friendly products or services from any of our partners, the user’s transaction details will be deposited into our system through the business partner's account to calculate an updated environmental credit score. This will result in an increased consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products and services, and companies will respond to the demand in order to remain competitive.

How did this all come about?
The organization's founder was conceived of the idea on hot summer’s day while he was quenching his thirst from a plastic bottle of water. He passed a garbage container and noticed several empty water bottles littered on the grass beside the garbage container. He picked them up and put them, along with his empty bottle, into the garbage.

There were three guys standing on the other side of the building watching him. One of them had finished drinking his water and tossed the empty bottle at founder's feet. His anger flared, and he said to him, ‘Man, you were watching me collecting the bottles. Why did you throw your empty bottle in front of me rather than in the garbage container?’ The guy responded belligerently, ‘It is not your business Man.’ When the founder left, He began to think that there has to be a way to make environmental protection everyone’s business

Later, He filed a patent application related to ‘methods and systems for environmental credit scoring,’ which then led to the development of an environmental credit score, designed to represent the environmental creditworthiness of an individual, business, or any other entity. A high environmental credit score indicates better environmental creditworthiness.

By signing this petition, you will demonstrate that you recognize what is at stake and what are the likely returns. Your commitment will be a decisive factor in activating a seismic shift in a global commitment to the safety of our environment! All stakeholders – from all sectors of society will begin to realize that they can advance their agendas while also taking responsibility for the health of our planet. We are confident that this project will inspire a global movement toward a time when we will be working together across all boundaries to preserve our resources.

Please sign today so that tomorrow we will all live in a world where the health of our planet serves the interests of all!


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