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Stop YouTube from allowing punitive/outdated dog training videos

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Animal training has progressed immensely in the last 25 years and hopefully will continue on this path, becoming a regulated industry where only tested, certified individuals will be able to practice dog/pet training using pain free, science based methods and techniques.

However, many individuals calling themselves dog trainers, are utilizing outdated, painful and coercive methods to train dogs and animals. They use equipment such as prong, choke and electronic collars and physical and verbal techniques such as yelling, alpha rolls, body slamming, hitting, collar jerking and helicoptering (hanging dog's by their leads) to name just a few. These tools and techniques have been studied and determined to increase stress, anxiety and inflict pain as well as increase the likelihood of aggression in the animal.

These individuals who claim to be trainers are able to post videos of these unnecessary methods on media platforms such as YouTube, in which the general population views and possibly applies the dangerous techniques to their own pets.

 The access of videos that promote punitive training is slowing down the advancement to a more humane and positive approach to dog training. Access to such videos is jeopardizing the welfare of our pets, as well as the relationships pet owners have with them. 

Please take a stand with me and prevent individuals from posting video material that advocates the use of pain, intimidation, coercion, force, and dominance in the guise of pet training. Stop normalizing animal abuse in the name of training. 

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