Request Google Translate to Support Sanskrit

Request Google Translate to Support Sanskrit

26,091 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
Vasuki Nagabhushan started this petition to Google, Inc and

We request Google to add the widely used, rich and ancient Sanskrit (Samskruta) language to the highly popular Google Translate Tool, which currently supports more than 100 languages. Google Translate for Sanskrit will bring the vast knowledge, beauty and wisdom in Sanskrit language to the world.

                  Benefits of MT (Machine Translation) for Sanskrit

1. Sanskrit is an vibrant, ancient and living language with hundreds of millions of users, authors, readers and viewers in India and around the world.
2. More than a billion people use Sanskrit daily for literature, religion, meditation, Yoga, music and dance.
3. Google Translate for Sanskrit is practically very useful for people and highly beneficial for Google commercially and for it's global prestige.
4. Sanskrit is a phonetic language and has well defined grammar rules, which makes it easy to translate.
5. Translate vast trove of ancient and new great texts in Sanskrit with deep insights.
6. Scan and extract Sanskrit texts from billions of documents, photos, audio and video recordings.
7. Translate helps to provide closed captioning in different languages for millions of popular songs and talks in Sanskrit with tens of millions of views on YouTube.
8. Sanskrit is useful for more than 300 Million Yoga and Meditation practitioners around the world.
9. Sanskrit Translation will connect many traditions, regions, teachers and practitioners, thus increasing knowledge, tolerance, understanding and peace.
10. Thousands of Sanskrit scholars in India can help to quickly implement Google Translate for Sanskrit.
11. In the first phase, Implement Translate and Transliteration from Sanskrit to other Indian languages, which is easier to translate and which will have very high usage. In the second phase, implement Translate from Sanskrit to other major world languages.

26,091 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!