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Google has announced that they are shutting down the Poly 3D asset service on June 30th 2021. This directly impacts artists and creators using their paid product, Tilt Brush, as they lose the ability to easily share and view their creations easily with their clients and the world. Poly's site provides a 3D viewer allowing anyone to jump in, share, and experience an artist's amazing creations.

Additionally, creators and platforms take advantage of Poly's many integrations through it's public API in order to port their pieces into other 3D experiences like The Wave, VRChat, and ARize.  Closing down Poly would remove a vital part of a pipeline that is growing increasingly important for digital creators, especially their ability to showcase and sell their artworks at the height of the COVID pandemic.

We propose that Google should open source as much of the Poly platform as possible, allowing the community to create a drop-in replacement for this vital service. This includes the brush shaders that are vital to displaying Tilt Brush creations correctly.

Furthermore, we propose that as Poly nears it's End of Life deadline, that the Tilt Brush and Blocks applications are updated to integrate with a successful community replacement, enabling a seamless transition for all users.

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