Grant work from home to IT employees around India

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  • We don’t need to panic about COVID-19 but the least we can do is be pro active and prevent it. My petition is to let IT employees do work from home or give temporary paid/unpaid leaves. I still see most of the employees working from office due to lack of laptops and arrangements for working remotely! What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for deaths from COVID-19 to affect India as badly as all other suffering nations around the globe? Why can’t we be proactive and give importance to people’s lives for once?? Please please sign my petition if you feel the same. Not only IT but I think all people who go out and work between huge crowd should stay at home till the risk spread from this deadly disease is reduced. We do not want such business, money made at the cost of people’s lives. Even WHO has declared COVID-19 as Global Pandemic!! It is time to wake up!