Google photos unlimited cloud storage shouldn't be ended

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Some of you may know about the free unlimited cloud storage that is provided by Google photos (High quality backup - unlimited). Well, Google is sending out mails to everyone, stating " Starting June 1, all your high quality backup photos will be added to the 15 gb quota", which means we won't have unlimited cloud storage anymore. Whatever is uploaded before June 1 won't add to the 15 gb storage, that is for lifetime, but after that, every photo/video will count towards the 15 gb limit (which includes google photos, gmail, and google drive)

This is bad news for everyone who used their cloud storage. You know we can't store all our memories on our phone, as some of us have less storage options, hence we have opted to use the Google photos cloud, which will also make it easier for you to view photos when you switch over to a new phone.

I hope you're understanding the tremendous consequences of such a big decision made by Google. After June 1, no more unlimited storage, after 15 gb, you have to PAY to store your own photos. Some of us can't afford that. So if not free storage forever, atleast let them provide an option for free unlimited storage, at a slightly lower resolution ( there is one, but it is 3 mp. and the quality is horrible)

That's not all, Google account users might lose all their data too, from Google drive, Gmail, and Google photos( if they have remained inactive on these platforms for 2 years, as Google has also announced that it may shut down accounts that have been inactive for 2 years.

Please spread this petition as much as possible, so that it reaches every mobile user out there. I'm not speaking for myself, I'm speaking for the hundreds, if not more, users who use Google's services. If all of you will it, we can make a big change to oppose this decision taken by Google. Lend your hand, and create a change, which will have a great effect.

Thank you for your time, please support this cause.