Ban cheetah Mobile from Google Playstore

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Ban cheetah Mobile from Google Playstore

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Started by John Oliver

After the recent purchase of popular android gallery app Quick Pic, Cheetah Mobile has again been gaining lots of media attention due to users outrage over the purchase.

From the article: When QuickPic fans discovered that the app had been sold and re-published by Cheetah Mobile, they were, to put it mildly, pissed. They began flooding the app's Play Store page under the new developer "Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)" with disparaging reviews almost immediately.

Cheetah Mobile (Wiki) make "crapware", apps that causes more trouble than it helps. These apps are named identical to other popular apps to trick users into installing them, some blogs report that they even buy user reviews to take advantage of Google's rating system. All of their apps are free and dripping with very intrusive adware. 

From the article: They also publish apps that are more or less entirely useless, including multiple "virus scanners," "battery boosters," "game boosters," and the like. We can't legally say that Cheetah Mobile floods all of its apps with fake downloads and five-star reviews, but we can sure as hell imply it. "Clean Master Boost & AppLock" has over 500 million downloads, the only Android app from a non-major technology publisher to reach the milestone on Android Rank, and its distribution of reviews shows some clearly sketchy behavior skewing the Play Store rating. 

Please read the full article here:

Their method of business is unethical, unlawful and unjust.

Please sign this petition to ask Google to remove this so called app company from its Playstore and protect its users from spyware, adware and invasive tools which comes bundled with useless apps which are named identical as some of the most popular apps.

Thank you.

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This petition had 79 supporters

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