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Get Animal Abuser Onision banned from YouTube and all Social Media Platforms

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Onision, AKA Gregory Jackson Avaroe is violating the terms of service for You Tube and should have his account terminated immediately.

Many YT advertisers will be contacted separately and asked for their thoughts on his actions and whether they condone being associated with a platform that allows users who are abusive to Youtube's Terms of Service, abusive towards other innocent youtubers, who files multiple fraudulent copyright claims, who mocks victims of terrorism (videos mocking 9/11 victims' deaths and negating the victims of Manchester) , who takes advantage of young teenagers' naivety and who demonstrates neglect and ill treatment towards his pets.

Besides You Tube's TOS, Greg/Onision is apparently guilty of numerous State and Federal violations.

Currently he is on a warpath trying to ruin the lives of multiple YouTubers.

Such as Onision Just Ruined My Life



Onision is self proclaimed Feminazi, who is infamous for rating very young women, some apparently underage on youtube.

He is documented as mocking victims of rape as far back as 2012.

YouTuber inflames viewers with rape comments

Additionally, he bragged about chaining up his young girlfriend who lived with him and his wife. He claimed it was her choice, but may be a case of stockholm syndrome type abuse. 

To make matters worse, he allegedly has defended the actions of at least one pedophile.


A vegetarian who apparently lets his pets die horribly and seems to terrorizes them while they're alive.

Greg let his tortoise bake to death trapped under plastic tupperware in the noon day sun.

Onision let rare turtle BAKE to death

Sick dude.
We want Onison banned off Youtube.

 There are comments on there from a recent video about Greg.

They reveal how Greg uploaded a video titled Fun with Fireworks a few days ago. He is seen shaking his guinea pig very fast and also holding up his scared looking dog.

There are also tweets showing the screencaps from the video.

And his history of being a horrible abuser goes way back: 38:00-ish mark Former classmate talks about how Greg let two of his pets die of malnourishment. Animal abusers are always abusers of all animals, humans included.

Greg is a textbook malignant narcissist who is a danger to himself online and IRL.

Please ban this degenerate who flagrantly abuses You Tube Creator TOS with impunity.




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