Display an accurate delegate count for the primaries

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The race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination is a close one and will be hard-fought throughout every state. 

But if you Google "democratic caucus delegate count," you'll see a graphic that shows this race as all but over. That's because Google is using the Associated Press's data that shows Hillary Clinton as having twice as many delegates when in reality, the graph includes superdelegates, which aren't officially pledged until the Democratic National Convention on July 25th. I'll say it again - those delegates can and will change their pledge to reflect the desires of the party. When you factor that in, Hillary's lead is miniscule and could change with one major state. 

As Congressman Keith Ellison eloquently states in the video above, the numbers are simply not accurate. Bernie Sanders is doing incredibly well.

The narrative that's being pushed on us is that Hillary Clinton is far and away the Democratic frontrunner, but nothing could be further from the truth. The American People want to see democracy expressed purely this election - without any misinformation. We're calling on the Associated Press, its officers, and Google, Inc., to update their graphics to show greater transparency in the way the caucus nominations are going, and show a clearer picture of how close this race actually is. At the very least, the American electorate deserves accurate information upon which to draw its own conclusions. 

Thank you, and God Bless America! 

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