Delete Actualized​.​org YouTube Channel - For Very Dangerous Manipulative Teachings

Delete Actualized​.​org YouTube Channel - For Very Dangerous Manipulative Teachings

March 5, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Thanks for checking out this petition.

In todays world, we live in a whole new era, the digital era, where boundaries doesn't exist and it's easier than ever, to be influenced by other people online, without knowing their real purpose and intentions of their online presence. 

I and a lot of other people online, are starting to open our eyes for a massive manipulative cult online, which goes under the name of "" on YouTube and also has a website with the same name. This massive community online, is run by Leo Gura.

He started out as a personal development guru, to teach people how to get their basic stuff in order such as finances, confidence, depression, meditation, thinking strategically and how to become a success etc. Slowly over time, Leo Gura has taken to a completely new and dangerous level, with people contemplating and even trying to end their lives, due to the distorted teachings he is teaching. 

These teachings is very focused upon that nothing is real, no friends, family, pets, buildings, no material objects are real, only consciousness is. 

More and more people are getting into deep depression, anxiety, despair, solipsism and suicidal states of mind, due to these dangerous teachings from Leo Gura.

There is no form of security or precautions to his teachings, it is widely available for all ages online, it doesn't matter if you're 8 years old or 92, everybody has access to these teachings, but they are unfortunately not aligned or proven to be right, by any other source than Leo Gura himself. 

On his forum or in his YouTube comments, you can often see people trying to give their point of view on his teachings, but Leo always bashes the person asking for advice, with "It's your ego" "You don't understand, it's your ego".. It is always your ego. This entire thing leads to exceptional levels of gaslighting, narcissism and psychopathy. 

This petition is all about removing Leo Guras presence from the Internet, as we are many people who believe that he is a dangerous man, who is creating a dangerous cult and destroying the psychology and happiness of thousands and maybe even millions of people online. 

You can find a lot of proof online of people reporting the following symptoms, due to his teachings:

* Anxiety (+ Anxiety / Panic attacks)

* Depression & Despair

* Suicidal states of mind

* Solipsism

* Deep confusion and mistrust of the world

This is not healthy, and this has even been reported by profiles online who are under the age of 13!

Let's together end this dark corner of the Internet, which is, run by Leo Gura. This petition will be showcasing how many of us are against the teachings of and will be sent to Google, who is the owner of YouTube. Please sign the petition and share with everybody you know online!

I will be doing more research on how to get removed from YouTube, but in the meantime, please sign the petition.

Thank you so much for reading this far!

Let's create a healthy internet together, with focus on positive mental health :)


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Signatures: 144Next Goal: 200
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