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Yesterday unfortunately, google and appel removed palestine from the map, even in countries that don't support Israel / don't have the ambassador of israel they still can't find palestine on map. 

Taking a country out of map is like denying its history, country like palestine, has its glorious history, beautiful cultures, strong and good people. 

Lot of people don't pay attention to what's   happening to the innocent children and women are getting killed everyday by Israeli soldiers, like what happened that day to goerge floyd it's happening every single day to an innocent civilians of palestine. 

While those soldiers have guns. Palestinians defend themselves with rocks. 

Not just killing, but stealing lands, stealing mosques, stealing the culture and even food (tahine...) and traditional dance (dabke..) And stealing hope from their eyes

If you believe in "no justice no peace" For the every single human, remember Palestinians are humans as well, they need help , it doesn't matter if you are Muslim or arab, it doesn't matter if you are black nor white . Help them. Use your voice to reach the truth to reach justice to reach peace

May allah protect my second country, may Allah protect Palestinians. And remember that day, when the world ends, the truth will appear, have hope, you are in our duaa inshallah


8 352 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 10 000 !