Allow CoronaSymptomsMap​.​org on Google Play

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With we offer a global map-based early warning system as an alternative to bluetooth contact tracing apps, to fight Corona virus. Unfortunately, currently we are not allowed to launch in Google Play due to Google's regulations for Covid-19 apps. offers a location-based, transparent, pro-active, anonymous, individual, voluntary and GDPR-compliant global Corona symptoms mapping solution for people who do not want to install Corona bluetooth tracing apps, mostly offered by their governments.


  1. Symptom reports are earlier in the process.
  2. Visibility and real-time transparency on the map while keeping reporters anonymous and safe.
  3. Complete data sovereignty for the user, who can decide if to report, update, stop or delete their symptoms.
  4. No bluetooth needed, no contact tracing, and no online or server-side evaluation of meetings, never!
  5. It's a solution for people to inform and individually protect themselves pro-actively beforehand. Bluetooth tracing apps on the contrary, will contact a single person only in the case they are already under risk of having been infected, and now should separate themselves from others.
  6. Bluetooth tracing apps are reported to be successful only if more than 60% of the population will install it, in order for infection chains to effectively be tracked down to be interrupted. We think there could be a high possibility that such an acceptation rate could fail in many countries, because people might decide against the concept, that every contact on the street is getting traced by such a bluetooth system, whether healthy or sick. Therefore, an alternative visual system like could be an interesting alternative or at least, should be allowed to be distributed on Google Play as a parallel information system for the masses.
  7. Reported symptoms on the map lead to other people also report their symptoms (bystander effect).
  8. People currently experiencing and suffering from symptoms feel that they are not alone, and can use the optional message field to communicate and share.
  9. Predictive, careful social distancing where a high density of symptoms is indicated on the map could help to save lives, save costs, save economics, ramp-up ICU units where it could be needed soon and prevent social problems at an early stage in the crisis management process.
  10. Giving people an other option to choose, and thus no factually lock-in to the one and only official governmental Corona app per country.

We are searching for a health organisation or government to partner up with, because they understand that the advantages our solution brings for a common well-being of their people. We want to play by Google's rules, and we want to help.

Our mission is to help everyone staying healthy and safe before they eventually get infected with Covid-19. Please sign our petition and help us to help others. Thank you for your support, that you can also read about at