Google & Apple to Lift Limitations for Iranians

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Iranian developers are stuck between censorship and US sanctions. Major tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, GitLab, and more are acting conservatively by disabling Iranian access to use free services in addition to paid. While internet censorship growth in the country makes it difficult for Iranians to use professional internet tools and services online. 

Service Limitations such as:

  • Listing of Free Apps in App Stores especially of Apples.
  • Using free Analytics tools and Platforms providing Insights for businesses.
  • Use of free tools such as FireBase, Search Console, etc.
  • Iranian Content Creators and their monetization opportunities.
  • locking of developers Git Repositories on GitLab / GitHub
  • issues with Google Map Navigation, etc. 

We, the people, developers, and professionals in digital fields urge the decision-makers in responsible companies and alike to listen to us. Help lift the barriers as much as you can.

If you are an Iranian with the same voice, join our petition to make our voice stronger to be heard!

Love and Respect from IRAN.