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Google Glass: Please provide me with a replacement for continued beta-testing and "Make Glass Float"

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$1,500. is a lot of money to an unemployed, single-mom.  We all had to pay Google this amount to become part of their beta-testing program, in which we provide information and feedback on the device back to Google. I paid the price because I had a job at the time, and I was very excited to use this for reference for my cycling paintings.

I had only used this beta-product for one month's time when it fell off my head in a surprise wave of water at Bolinas Beach.  I was not doing anything extreme; I was simply wading in the water, trying to record my son's surfing lesson.  Even though it was only two feet of water, the Glass sank quickly and we couldn't find it in the moving water.  I am asking Google to not only be more reasonable by helping someone who had an accidental loss of their beta-test product, but to come up with a solution or accessory to help the final Glass product float, at least long enough for an accidental drop of the device into a pool or other watery location.

Why should Google Glass float?  Because from the beginning, Google Glass has shown us videos of people boating with Glass, in the shower with Glass (Robert Scoble), at the beach with Glass (Amanda), and there are a series of YouTube videos out there of people motorboating, swimming and kayaking with Glass (the kayaking video is mine, but there are other's that were done before mine).  Obviously, people want to use it on the water and around the water.  There are going to be plenty of people who drop it by accident, or as they are handing it to a friend to share.  Even a good swing of a dog's tail on a boat could knock a pair of Glass into the water.  Kids fighting over who gets to try it next and "Oops"... It's now in the pool.

I searched for my device that fell into the ocean for two days, and have others in Bolinas continuing to look for it. I have an add up on Craigslist with a reward offered. I have the rest of the pieces of the device and the original box the product came in. Google has said I am welcome to "purchase another device" but they will not give me another product unless I return the one that fell in the water.

It is my hope that together, we can convice Google that my accident was just part of their testing, and that a new device being provided to me to continue testing would be the fair thing to do.  This is not an actual product on the market yet, and paying another $1,500. when it may be released as a different device(based on our testing) with it's retail cost much less than this would not be fair to anyone.

As a commited and diligent beta-tester, I have provided 12 blog posts on Google Glass and 6 edited videos using the product.  I have shared the device with more than one hundred people that wanted to try it out.  I have been a positive evangelist and user of the beta-product, and I am hoping we can convince Google to provide me with a replacement.  If I am near the water again, I would like to add "Chums neo-megafloat" for glasses, a device that can float up to 3 ounces.  I don't want to lose another product, and I intend to find a better way to use Glass that will not result in another lost device.  I hope Google will use my information to modify the end product or provide an accessory for people who go to the pool, beach, lake, kayaking, sculling, boating, etc... with this device... because, they will!  Even though I was the first to have this happen, I am certain I will not be the last.  Then again, maybe my story will help other beta-testers to take precautions, preventing additional losses and further the development of the product.

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