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Fight online bullying and cyber harassment by deindexing RipOff Report from Google’s search engine results worldwide

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The internet is a critical tool for sharing knowledge and transparency. Google has a corporate philosophy of “do no evil” and it can play a crucial role reducing online defamation and cyber bullying.

RipOff Report claims to be about consumer protection, but the site is composed almost entirely of unsourced and unedited postings generated by anonymous users. People have been falsely accused of pedophilia and transmitting STDs. Virtually every entry is a spiteful attack made against an individual or company. The site does no fact checking and refuses to remove defamatory material, even when proven false.

Those who have been attacked on RipOff Report have no fair recourse. The site exploits those who are targeted by posters, only offering to take postings down once the victim has paid for a $2000 arbitration that guarantees nothing, or a Corporate Advocacy Program that costs thousands and includes a recurring subscription. By refusing to remove even the most offensive or blatantly fake posts, RipOff Report condones cyber harassment and online abuse.

Googles wants to rank only the best quality content but promotes RipOff Report as a legitimate source when it continually chooses to rank the site higher than credible, sourced and professional written online sources in its search results.

Google and RipOff Report profit from advertising revenue generated by the popularity and shock value of slanderous negative postings. Google made over $50 billion dollars from advertising in 2013, and the number goes up every year. RipOff Report makes an undisclosed amount of money from advertising. 

RipOff Report’s policies on fact checking and removal of postings make it a hotbed for cyber harassment. Cyber harassment, which occurs when one or more individuals target a user with malicious online postings, is a growing problem that ruins lives. In the case of Robin Savage, cyber harassment hosted on RipOff Report falsely accused her of having and knowingly transmitting HIV. This cost Robin her home and nearly drove her to suicide. For Dr. Janice Duffy, false online defamation posted at the site ended a successful career and lead to an ongoing legal battle. When asked about another example of a woman being falsely accused of transmitting herpes Ed Magedson, the owner of RipOff  Report, reportedly told Forbes “This f—— broad probably did something.”


It’s time to remove RipOff Report. Google must stop knowingly benefiting from online harassment. Sign this petition to Deindex RipOff Report today!

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