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Change Doodle on 05/25/2012 to show solidarity with the people of Syria


Hamza al Khatib was arrested at a protest in Daraa, Syria, on April 29, 2011. He was just a child when he was asking for a future to live as a free man. On May 25, Hamza's burned and disfigured body was returned to his family, and he was instantly made a symbol of the Syrian revolution.

In the past year the Syrian government has murdered more than 13,000 civilians, including 900+ children, many of whom were tortured to death while in government custody--just like Hamza.

We ask Google to change their Doodle on May 25, in honor of Hamza and in honor of all the children who under threat of arrest and torture. A Doodle for Hamza is an easy way for Google to show solidarity with Syrians and to spread awareness of the crimes against humanity taking place.

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