Bring Back the old Google Finance!

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We were warned that the "Portfolio" feature of Google Finance was going away. However, Google never said that they were literally gutting the entire site. 

"As part of this revamped experience, we’re retiring a few features of the original Google Finance, including the portfolio, the ability to download your portfolio, and historical tables."

The new Google Finance doesn't compare to the old at all!

User Junjie Liang put it best when said on the Product Forums!category-topic/websearch/uf8q-AaPiyQ :

"I found I was updated to the new product this morning and it was enormously disappointing. All the ratios, scan function, trends function, sector summary etc. were gone!!! They were core functions!!!!!"

The charts were also a key feature and now barely manipulable. There is now no dividend display. No Pre-Market or after market historical quotes. No adjustments to the line style. (such as candlestick or OHLC) Alot of people also loved the "Recent Quotes" feature. Historical news based on the chosen time period on the chart. Other useful charting tools such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands.... Gone. All gone. This is not just the "Portfolio" feature. This is literally a deprecation of the whole site.  

Please don't eliminate this great product, Google!