Bring Back Google Photo's Unlimited Backup!

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On November 11, Google announced that it won't offer Free Unlimited High-Quality Photos Backup anymore from June 1, 2021. What does it mean? From June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos backed up in High quality will count toward the free 15 GB of storage that comes with your Google Account or any additional storage you may have purchased, the same way other Google services like Google Drive and Gmail already do.

To be honest, we all use Google Photos because Google promised us to back up our memories for free. It's WE the 1 Billion strong user base who made Google Photos what it is right now. So, now stop providing this service means breaking our trust towards Google.

Google has stated in a statement that it host nearly 4 Trillion photos in this ecosystem. So, our question is, is that really much for a huge corporation like Google? They are already monetizing us from various sources, so why not offer a basic backup service for free? We are not telling you to offer Full Resolution for free, but why not the medium resolution? (Also, I've noticed recently google is compressing the photos to the 400-500KB range so not much space is taken by each user)

By locking so many users in its ecosystem Google is now trying to promote its Google One Subscription. But Google Photos are used by many students & Individuals with medium to low wages, for them to get a subscription like this is a very big deal.


Yet after if Google thinks that they still need to make money from Google Photos, they can show some ads in the app itself. We already get ads in most of Google services so we won't bother with one more app from them.

Google Photos with Free Backups, is kind of like a car without wheels.

So please sign this petition and share it with your friends who use it.

Thank you.