Ban The Endorsement Of Child Sexual Abuse And Grooming Books “Spank The Monkey” and series

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People in the general public, including mothers, are openly endorsing and laughing at a book series which is designed to look exactly like children’s books and can and will be used by pedophiles to groom children and expose them to sexualisation and the normalisation of pedophilia. The book “Spank The Monkey” is also grooming adults into thinking this is humorous. The protagonist is a small monkey, the size of a child, Which looks like a child, going through different scenarios that emulate how children are lured into sexual abuse by sexual predators. Some of the comments on the mother who’s post went viral in endorsement of these books, include people saying “I will read this to my children one day” and “Teach them while they are young”. This is openly endorsing pedophile culture, desensitizing the general public to the normalization of child grooming and pedophilia. I demand that Kahra Vouse, the mother that posted this, writes a public apology and acknowledgement and removes her post laughing and reading this child grooming tool.

I am a sexual abuse survivor, I can tell you first hand this is how pedophiles groom children. They get adults involved, manipulate them into laughing and then show the children, they tell sexual jokes in front of children and other adults to expose them to normalisation of sexual encounters - they can use it as a tool and say “But look, everyone is laughing, there is nothing wrong with this”. This book is a bible for pedophiles, it’s a tool that can be read to a child to expose them to pedophilia, it normalises pedophila, the reviews on google even insinuate that it’s about pedophilia, please read it. It’s wrong, it’s sick, and the world needs to wake up to this and make a stand to protect the children who need our voices to speak up for them right now!!! Every adult who laughed at this, needs to realize they have been tricked and fooled and in fact, groomed, into normalizing Pedophile culture. 
Please make your voices heard right now. Spread this far and wide if you believe in protection children and what is sacred on this planet. 

The book is filled with euphemisms and sexual innuendo, which this small monkey plays out with a series of situations which emulate child abuse scenarios. This is extremely dangerous and should outrage everyone who is not a pedophile. This is one of many books in the series. I urge the general population to educate themselves on what child grooming is, as this book is a child grooming tool and needs to be banned globally. 

I demand google remove the review and endorsement of all of these books. I demand Facebook removes the post endorsing this. I demand the mother who read this book Khara Vause, make a public apology and read up on child grooming and remove her viral post laughing at this book at once!