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Please accept quality issues in nexus series of mobile phones

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This petition is for highlighting the hardware and software issues faced by millions of Nexus4 Android mobile phones sold by Google around the world. This phone was launced by Google in late 2012 and was instant hit given the reputation of Google and LG in their respective niche areas. The nexus5 series was equally hit. Lots of mobile phones were bought by people in one country and then they moved to other places as well. But sadly, nexus4 did not live upto its reputation as users started facing issues related to hardware quality within first year of its usage.


It is very surprising that almost all of issues reported for nexus 4 started coming within a timeframe of 1 years of so and are similar in nature. The issue is described below for the reference: 


a. The soft keys in Nexus4 stopped working all of sudden without any reason. Suprisingly, the 'google voice search' scrolls fine in the same screen area. 

b. Erratic (Ghost touches) issue

c. The power switch is not working fine and takes harder to be effective. It will be soon when it will stop working at all.


In the automobile industry, gaint companies have to recall millions of units sold if they find any defect that was induced during manufacturing process. One pressing reason for this mandate can be that after effects can be life threatening. Though this may not be entirely valid for mobile phones industry, but still there must be a legal mandate to recall the mobile phones in this scenario. After all, consumers spend their hard earned money to buy a moblile handset from a trustworthy company. The same sense of responsibilty should also be realized by companies selling the product. Who knows nexus5 users will start experiencing issues just after their warranty term expires. 


The thing that saddens even more is that so far nothing has heard from Google or LG on it. Perhaps, they do not even bother to acknowledge and standup to accept it as a defect. Ironically, they talk so much and spend lots of money in launching and advertising these products and hence finally robbing of consumer's money. 


I hope these issues are not a part of Google's planned strategy to force users to buy their latest series or increase their profits by asking for paid repairs.


By signing this petition, you will become a part of this movement to raise awareness of people around the world about the bad quality issues faced by millions of customers and their ignorance about their makers like Google and LG. Please support this petition by explaining brief of issue faced by you or your experience with this device (nexus4 or nexus5) so far. This will help create a picture of how many users are actually feeling bad about the issues faced by their phones they loved.

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