A Better demonatisation Policy From Google and YouTube

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Globally, Google unfairly demonatise people daily. People who are trying to make a legitimate income from their online businesses.

In the future, most traditional employment will be lost to automation. However, whatever the computers can take away, computers can also provide more employment. This would be the case if the internet wasn't dominated by near-monopolies who abuse their power disparity and have no respect for the rule of law.

As for my story, I have a disability as acknowledged by the Australian federal government, which makes it difficult for me to find and maintain employment, as such I decided to start an online business funded by Google's advertising service. This was the fact that Google had banned my AdSense account.

Google banned my account under the false claim that I illegitimately clicked ads on a tiny website which I used to operate, in order to artificially inflate my profits. This is untrue, as I did not illegitimately click my ads. (There were many law suites against Google in the USA for this same claim, Google has lost many, if not, all of them and has failed to correct its behaviour). This proves that Google has no respect for the law. (I can't sue Google due to the differences between Australia's and the USA's legal systems)

I decided to start this business because In October 2018, I complained to the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading (DFT), a state government consumer affairs department, who assured me that Google would restore my account. It turns out that Google had lied to the government department, providing me with a false hope that they would remonatise me. The fact that Google had lied to the government proves that they have no respect for the law.

I had to pay significant amounts to make my business monetisable without Google.  After nearly a year, as of August 2019, I am still incapable of operating my business (granted is only partially responsible for this) and I am still unable to add Google's advertisements to my business.

Thanks to Google, I had to pay thousands of dollars for my business to be able to operate without Google ads- my entire life savings- taking away my ability to afford expanding my business and to advertise my business. If Google hadn't lied to the government, I wouldn't have had to spend thousands of dollars to make business operatable without Google's ads, leaving me with more money for expansion and advertising. And my business would have most likely been operational in March 2019.

Furthermore, I am part of the federal government's NEIS program where the Australian federal government provides me assistance in operating my business. The taxes of Australians are being used to fund my business which I am unable to operate, through not fault of my own, thanks to Google. The government is well aware of this, but unable to do anything about it, as Google has no respect for the rule of law. The only remaining hope for my business is compensation from Google.

Don't believe me, read testimonies from the Facebook Group #Scammed By Google Ads
To add salt to the wound, Google is totally, utterly and completely uncontactable for all but a few niche transactions in isolated departments. It is disgusting that a company of Google's size is uncountable

It is unclear whether or not Google will heed this petition under their own right, therefore, I ask the media, various government organisations globally and advertisers to ensure that Google starts treating its users fairly.

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