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Petitioning Goodwill, City Council and Planning Commission, Kum and Go

Stop the sale of Goodwill's property in OCC to Kum and Go.

Old Colorado City is a unique historic district, and is not the place for a 10-pump, 24-hour a day, convenience store run by a company from Iowa. The location is surrounded by residential homes on three sides, and Cucharras between 23rd and 24th is part of the designated Midland Bike Trail. A Kum and Go at this location just doesn't make sense; there are already FOUR convenience stores/gas stations between 15th and 30th! This is not your usual "NIMBY" issue, this is an issue of historic preservation, and we encourage Goodwill and the City of Colorado Springs to think big and long term! What will draw more folks to Old Colorado City? What will increase our property values instead of harm them? What other buyers/developers might be out there that don't know about this prime piece of real estate? There has to be a better alternative!

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  • Goodwill, City Council and Planning Commission, Kum and Go

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