Let Ariel Bissett Pick The Goodreads Colour 2021

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Dear Goodreads,

I would like to bring to your attention an issue close to my, and many other reader's, heart.

As we have seen in the past, goodreads gives little to no thought into the colours chosen for the Goodreads Reading Challenge Icon Colour each year. 

This does not need to continue as there are many people who would willingly, freely and with deep thought choose the colour with us, the users, in mind.


The person who clearly springs to mind for this job is writer and booktuber Ariel Bissett, due to her deep appreciation of the fact that we as readers look at the goodreads colour every single day.

We can see that this is true due to the 2019 saga of her predicting the colour and subsequently reacting to the depressing truth:

2019 Prediction

2019 Reaction

And also in 2020, when the exact same thing happened:

2020 Prediction and Reaction


No longer do we need to suffer from poor choice of colour!

By having a special colour picked out each year that, rather than being meaningless and arbitrary, has special significance relating to the mood of the year we will all feel more motivated to log into to goodreads more, and feel happier when we do. 

Goodreads, I implore you to let Ariel Bissett, perhaps the person who cares the most about this issue in the entire world, to choose the colour for 2021 as the Goodreads Colour Picker, so that we may all live in a better world.

Thank you.