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In honoring Human Rights Day, let's show it by doing these human rights advocacy actions   :)






Join Center for Victims of Torture in honoring Human Rights Day   :)
December 10, 2009

Today is Human Rights Day, a day to recommit ourselves to honoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Because of you, we're able to do the life-changing work of healing torture survivors and bringing an end to torture worldwide. We're grateful for your partnership in promoting dignity and justice around the world.

During the past year we have restored the lives of 2,500 survivors living in Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo,  Jordan and the United States. One client, "Joseph," was captured, beaten and forced to fight with the state military in the DRC before escaping and returning home. Now he is able to sleep better and work in peace. "I feel like a human being again," he said.

At our headquarters in Minnesota, your support brings healing to men and women who have only recently arrived from Africa and other mild climates. As snow and winter winds blow, these refugees and asylum-seekers are rebuilding their lives. In a Public Radio commentary CVT's social worker Evelyn Lennon recalls one new client forced to share a winter coat and another who knits scarves for other survivors.

Thank you for supporting the Center for Victims of Torture. And thank you for joining us in supporting human rights around the world today and throughout the year.

Warm regards,

Ruth Barrett Rendler
Deputy Director

CVT social worker Evelyn Lennon models a scarf knit by a client. Read Evelyn's Public Radio commentary about newcomers, democracy and desperately needed winter clothing.

P.S. This has been a difficult financial year for human rights groups everywhere. If you have not already done so, please consider sending a contribution

to CVT today. Your gift will extend a hand of hope and healing to torture survivors worldwide.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

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What Human Rights Day means at the Center   :)

Celebrate Human Rights Day with a Gift to the Center!   :)

In addition to working on more than 45 cases at home and abroad, the Center won a landmark victory for reproductive rights in Nepal and paved the way to a victory in Colombia - all in 2009.

 Help the Center secure more victories on behalf of women everywhere by donating TODAY!

Take action   :)

Today is Human Rights Day. Here at the Center, this day is a personal reminder of why reproductive choice must always be recognized as a basic human right.

In just the past year, the Center has made great strides to ensure that governments at home and aboard invest in women's health -- but our success would not be possible without the generous support of people like you.

james m, please make a gift to help double our victories by Human Rights Day 2010!

Just this past May, our case in Nepal compelled the country's Supreme Court to order the government to guarantee access to safe and affordable abortion services for women. And because of work we've done in Colombia, it's Constitutional Court strongly reaffirmed in 2009 a woman's right to have an abortion.

Throughout the healthcare reform debate in Congress, the Center has been on the front lines opposing anti-choice amendments and making sure women's essential reproductive needs are not thrown under the bus.

The Center is proud of its victories on behalf of women everywhere, and will continue to ensure the protection of reproductive rights as human rights. We depend on your support to carry out our mission.

Make a donation to the Center in honor of Human Rights Day, and help us secure women's reproductive right to self-determination, health, and life.

Thanks to you, the Center can continue to work towards a world where every woman participates with full dignity as an equal member of society.

Thanks, as always, for all you do,

Nancy Northup

   120 Wall Street 14th Floor | New York, NY 10005 US




E-News: Nobel Prize for No Nukes, Copenhagen, and More   :)

Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest

**E-News:  Nobel Prize for No Nukes, Copenhagen, and More**

Tuesday, December 8

Afghanistan: What's Next?
Climate Change: World Leaders Meet, Where's U.S. Action?
2009 Successes: Building Blocks for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
FCNL In the News: Ohio Op-Ed from FCNL Intern
Take Action: Ask Senators to Support Indian Health Care
Human Rights: Perspectives from Around the Office
War is Not the Answer Photo of the Week: Eugene, OR

See the online version of this newsletter:

Afghanistan: What's Next?

Writing on the 2C blog:, Associate Executive Secretary Jim Cason characterizes the president's Afghanistan strategy as "Lots more guns, expanding the war, and very little evidence of incentives for the kinds of negotiations, clear timetable for withdrawal, and regional engagement that will ultimately be necessary to stop the killing." More than 2,500 people have taken the next step to change Obama's war strategy: You've stated that War Is Not the Answer in Afghanistan: Check out Jim's blog for a preview of what comes next to end the war and rebuild the peace:

Climate Change: World Leaders Meet, Where's U.S. Action?

President Obama will soon join other world leaders in Copenhagen to discuss global warming. His hands are tied, however, because Congress has failed to enact a real global warming and sustainable energy bill this year. We the people have to lobby hard to enact policies for a sustainable future. Read my thoughts on the Copenhagen meeting and FCNL's action suggestions to move global warming legislation in Congress:

2009 Successes: Building Blocks for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

This Thursday morning President Obama, as first U.S. president to declare that the U.S. will seek peace and security in "a world without nuclear weapons," will accept the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. We expect his speech to include a strong call for nuclear disarmament, something FCNL has been working since the early 1950s. We continue to advance toward a world free of nuclear weapons, lobbying for Senate ratification of a follow-on agreement to the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty:

See more FCNL successes from this year:

FCNL In the News: Ohio Op-Ed from FCNL Intern

In an op-ed published in the Wilmington News Journal (Wilmington, OH), campaigns program assistant Matt Southworth talks about his work on the War Is Not the Answer campaign and the importance of passing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty:

Take Action: Ask Senators to Support Indian Health Care

The health insurance overhaul being debated in Congress could bring the most significant improvements to the Indian health system in decades. Write your senators to urge them to support inclusion of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act in the Senate Health Care Bill. Write today and make your voice heard in the halls of Congress:

Human Rights: Perspectives from Around the Office

In recognition of Human Rights Day on December 10, several staff members are considering aspects of these issues:

*Immigration Program Assistant Rebecca Sheff looks at immigration and access to health care:

*Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict lobbyist Bridget Moix examines how preventing war is related to health:

*Native American Program Assistant Inez Steigerwald discusses the U.S. government's moral obligation to support Indian health care:

War is Not the Answer Photo of the Week: Eugene, OR

Demonstrators at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza used FCNL's federal budget information to illustrate how war funding restricts spending on other priorities:
Photo: Susan Cundiff, Oregon Women's Action for New Directions.

Order your own War Is Not the Answer sign and see where this movement is showing up across the country. Find out how to submit your own photo.


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Friends Committee on National Legislation | 245 2nd Street NE Washington, DC 20002 | | 800-630-1330




The Elders return to Cyprus, and call for a Real Deal on climate change in Copenhagen - get involved   :)

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the latest update on the work of The Elders.

This week three members of The Elders are visiting Cyprus, at what is a crucial time in the negotiations to reunify the island. While in Cyprus, The Elders will blog about some of the key challenges to building lasting peace and will invite others to do the same. For the first time we're also opening the blog for debate and discussion - find out how you can get involved below.

The Elders have also been campaigning strongly in the run-up to this week's climate change talks in Copenhagen, and have written to the government of Sri Lanka to urge greater protection of the rights of civilians displaced by conflict in the north and east of the country.

The Elders return to Cyprus

Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and Lakhdar Brahimi are visiting Cyprus from 8-10 December 2009 to offer their support and encouragement to all those working for the reunification of the island. This will be the Elders' third visit.

The Elders will meet the Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat. They will also host a discussion on trust-building in conflict-affected communities with members of civil society, business, unions, media, youth and women's groups.

You can follow their visit and join the discussion on The Elders' Cyprus blog;

Read Desmond Tutu's thoughts on returning to Cyprus.


Time for a Real Deal on Climate Change

"Leaders of the world - as you prepare for Copenhagen, look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and think of their future. Millions of lives depend on the decisions you will make."
- Desmond Tutu

In personal letters to 192 Heads of State and Government, The Elders have called for a fair, ambitious and effective deal in Copenhagen that will lead to a legally binding agreement.

Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Gro Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson and their fellow Elders urged leaders to attend the climate talks in person. Read The Elders' letter to World leaders.

Now the Elders are calling on YOU to join them by demanding a REAL DEAL on climate change when world leaders meet in Copenhagen this week.

Join The Elders and the TCK TCK TCK campaign, along with millions of people around the world, in a GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION on 12 DECEMBER.


Sri Lanka

The Elders have made a direct appeal to the President of Sri Lanka to protect the rights of civilians displaced after the government's defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May.

They have also contacted Sri Lanka's donors, asking them to ensure that basic conditions for equitable, inclusive and 'conflict sensitive' development are put in place in the northern and eastern regions of the country. Read more.



In a letter to key members of the international community, The Elders have expressed their deep concern that, as the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement approaches, and with elections and a referendum also due, there is an increased risk of violence and instability in Sudan.

They have called for immediate action to build a comprehensive approach and for greater cooperation to address the numerous challenges that face the country as a whole. Any return to conflict would have a devastating impact on human lives and regional security.

Thank you for continuing to support the work of The Elders.
The Elders' Team


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Urgent Action for Crimes Against Humanity in Burma   :)

Call Your Congressperson, for Burma   :)

Direct Contact info.: Congressional switchboard   :)

(202) 224-3121

US House of Representatives    :)

US Senate   :)

Sites to send emails, letters, and letters to the editor, et al   :)

Easy instructions here   :)

Crimes against humanity, including rape as a weapon of war, continue in Burma unabated. House Resolution 898 confronts this problem and we need you to ask your member of Congress to sign on as a Cosponsor ASAP!

Soon Congress will retire for winter recess.  We need Rep. Moran to support House Resolution 898 before Congress leaves for its winter break.

Dial (202) 225-2715 and ask Jason Wiens, his staffer in charge of foreign policy, if Rep. Moran will cosponsor House Resolution 898, to help end mass atrocities in Burma.

President Obama's new policy calls for Burma's junta to be held accountable for the their crimes against humanity.  However, his policy does not provide a mechanism to hold them accountable for these crimes.

House Resolution 898 fills this gap by calling for the United States to support a Security Council Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.  Ask your Rep. Moran to co-sponsor and show strong support!  

Click here for detailed instructions

about what to say.

Please write to me to let me know how your call goes, at! If you have questions before you call, don't hesitate to write or call me at (202) 234-8022.

Michael Haack

PS: You don't have to be able to vote to call your member of Congress. If you live in the Congressperson's district, you are a constituent. They represent EVERYONE in their districts, so please call today!

Here's What You Can Do Now   :)

Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma:

Become a member of the U.S. Campaign for Burma.

Or, make a tax-deductible donation today. 




What does Oneness look like to you?   :) 

We in Humanity's Team are excited about Awakening the World to Oneness!

And we wonder . . . what does "Oneness" look like to you? How do you express it?

We would love for you to show us - on video!

Free Hugs? Meditation? Helping others? Show us your spirituality in action! Show us how you experience and express Oneness! Feel free to use a mobile phone, webcam or full-size video camera.

The most creative, touching and motivating submissions will be featured on the Humanity's Team web site. We also plan to combine these videos into a larger video to help inspire the world to further demonstrations of humanity's true global state of being!

Visit our Oneness Video Collaboration page

to see an introductory video and learn how you can participate. We've extended the deadline, so be sure to send in your video entry by January 31, 2010!

Lights, camera, action! We can't wait to see how you express Oneness!

With love,
Your Humanity's Team Friends

P.S. We will also be sending a similar email in other languages in the near future.

Español :  Estaremos enviando un e-mail similar en español en el futuro próximo.

Français :  Nous enverrons un e-mail similaire en français dans un proche avenir. 

sent by Humanity's Team, Fort Collins, CO 80522.


(P.S.  If you project that you can skip struggling through all the twoness, and just jump to the oneness, in all probability, the results won't be as rooted in reality; ergo, less organic, somatic, actuating and lasting.   reality)