Stop the sale of live turtles and frogs at "Good Fortune Supermarket"

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Good Fortune Supermarket is a growing national supermarket chain with locations in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, and California ( A new location recently opened in Providence, RI (101 Cadillac Dr, Providence, RI 02907). In addition to selling live fish and shellfish, Good Fortune Supermarket also sells live turtles and frogs. I visited for the first time on 5/20/18, and was shocked by what I saw. Intended for human consumption, these live frogs are piled into crates, and live turtles are kept inside tight net bags. These animals suffer for days or weeks, and they are not fed or cared for in any way. The frogs have open sores on their bodies as can be seen in the photos. The turtles are a warm-water species, but have no temperature regulation or basking lamps (they are covered in white fungus as can be seen in the photos). If purchased, the turtles will likely be boiled alive.

What I saw at Good Fortune Supermarket is clearly torture, inexcusable, and totally unnecessary. If left unchecked, these practices are destined to become normalized and standard in American supermarkets as trends spread and franchises like this expand. If you agree with me, we want this stopped now.

Our goals are to:

• Have Good Fortune Supermarket voluntarily commit to immediately ending the sale of live frogs and turtles in all of their North American supermarkets.

• Have Good Fortune Supermarket voluntarily agree to sell (or preferably surrender) their existing stock of live frogs and live turtles to willing animal welfare agents (with the agreement that no new animals will be cycled in, and the practice of selling said animals is permanently over).

We want this totally unnecessary suffering to end, and if Good Fortune Supermarket truly wishes to be a good neighbor, they can begin by compassionately ending the sale of live frogs and turtles. Thank you.