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Thorough investigation and firm punishment under animal protection law

Buddhist monk, abuses 2month old puppy with iron pipe, unconscious now


Another animal abuse by a monk happened.

A monk from a Buddhist office in Gong-ju city got drunk in the might, went to a coffee shop nearby and harassed their 2 monht old puppy with an iron pipe dozen times, the puppy's skull fractured and eyes blinded, followed by paralyzed spines and got unconscious.

Upon receiving this report, CARE went to Chung-nam Gong-ju yesterday(7th May 2013), got handed over the puppy and took him to a veterinarian hospital in Gang-nam, Seoul. The puppy Ha-neul(means 'Sky' in Korean) is getting urgent treatments.

Also CARE reported this abuser to GOng-ju police station.

Last year another monk killed a jindo dog in drunk status with ax and ran away. CARE went after this monk for several month, took him to the police and got the first actual prison sentence for animal protection law in Korea - 6 month for that case.

It might be going that way, the second sentence also become a monk.

CARE will do our best to get this monk punished for his abuse, and do our best to keep this puppy "Ha-neul" alive and happy.

Please sign this petition to make animal protection law stronger.

Please help Ha-neul.
We're raising fund for Ha-neul in danger of loosing all his sight.

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