This is important because many Gold Fish (and other live animals) suffer in tiny bags and are given to anyone who may or may not look after them properly. The law was changed in Scotland, why is it different in England and Wales and the other countries across the world? The law will not get changed until the governments see that this has a lot of support and votes, so please help me by signing my petition. 

Letter to
Defa The Goverment
Stop Gold Fish (or any live animal) being given as prizes at fairs.

I think this is an outdated and cruel practice that I want banned. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 has banned Gold Fish or any live animal being given away as prizes in Scotland, but in England and Wales they can still be given away to anyone over 16 years old.

They are kept in tiny bags in chlorinated water and usually end up being flushed down the toilet or being swung around by children, or if the bag splits just left to die.

When you win a goldfish you are not vetted like you would if you were to buy one. You are not given any proper equipment or advice so if you want a Gold Fish just go to a registered pet shop.

This petition will be handed to the UK Parliament but I do need more signatures and more helpers. So when you sign, please download the link and forward it to your email list or social network friends. If you want to be one of my helpers then please email with your ideas and we can link up.

I have had so many people sign the petition from so many countries all over the world, that this is obviously an issue people feel very strongly about and perhaps we can get more countries governments to change the law in those countries . I know there are other live animals given away so this includes them as well.

Thank you so much for supporting my petition, we currently have over 5,000 offline signatures and I will send regular updates. I will get this law changed no matter how long it takes.

Thanks again for all your support.
Aged 14 years old.

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