Ban online sale of pets! its cruel, evil and illegal

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#AdoptDontShop may be best, but the single largest reason for illegal, cruel & disgusting puppy mills, commercial home breeding  or even sale listings of stolen/missing pets are online , net based pet sales. We can list a 1000 horror stories of online exploitation. While more empathetic and responsible classified sites like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay , Locanto and recently even OLX have stopped  the online sale of pet dogs & puppies on their sites, its sickening that (as well as  Facebook who disallows sale on FB Marketplace but strangely allows listing on FB Groups)  MarshallPetzone, , ,, breeders /kennels like Cadombom or Kennelsindia and even B2B sites like & et al )have allowed pups/dogs to be sold online like objects. Sweeping caveats cannot absolve or distance them.  While these may stop once change petitions like this shut them down, more sites will come up in its place unless Govt of India stops unregulated pet sale at source. Therefore it is critical is for the Government ie MOeF & AWBI to ban the online sale of pets /living beings  and institute harsh penalties for those doing so . Lucy's Law is an example of government & activists coming together to enforce genuine kindness to animals. This should anyway be a logical next step to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) ensuring a more ethical & regulated breeding practice via its excellently drafted   The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Dog Breeding and Marketing) Rules, 20  What is the point of having excellent Animal Welfare rules, if they are neither known or enforced? In promoting 'pets' as an item for sale -  ecommerce sites like  Quikr  consciously become a party to this and to the criminal endless circle of exploitation and animal cruelty. 

Let us tell you why online sale of puppies & dogs is wrong,  illegal and unconstitutional! :

  1. Online dog sales encourage impulse behavior ( toy purchase) and subsequent dumping happens , putting pressure on the system , and creating untold cruelty and tragedy for the helpless, dumped dog or pup. Make no mistake many DIE due to online sales.
  2. Dogs are not toys to be sold online, exchanged, squeezed for freshness. However online sites have policies Including  guarantees, exchange & return-by Clauses that cannot  be applied to loving beings . However its treated as a consumer business
  3. Third party sales ( through dog shows, online sites) encourage commercialization & illegal activity & is being closed by most governments . 
  4. "Delivery" offered  of such small pets across distances, results in great health issues for a dehydrated pet, many times fatal. Pups often die painfully from highly communicable diseases like Parvo or CD from being crammed together in a cage with others. Law Council report showed an estimated 40% of the animals die in unhealthy & careless transportation
  5. Lack of regulation and DNA Testing for genetic defects results in unethical, unscientific breeders ruthlessly churning out underbred, diseased or sick pups and these put huge pressure on the system with rescue , broken hearts, re-adoption, staggering medical Bills. Pugs with breathing issues and labs with painful hip dysplasia are common and being further bred
  6. It is creating a mentality where dogs are commodities rather than a sentient beings creating the wrong mindset for online viewers and especially  impressionable children and a growing , more affluent middle class for whom dogs are part of the new family status symbol
  7. It increases fascination while it promotes easy access for exotic breeds that  suffer & wilt in hot Indian climate like Huskies, St Bernard’s & Mastiffs , while our hardy Indies are ignored .
  8. The focus on pedigree and breed on these online sites,  dilutes & weakens  the excellent focus & awareness of shelters and rescue groups to adopt our Hardy Indian pups & dogs
  9. Today online sites are promoting even idiotic , cutesy things like dog dating,mating via sites dog shaadi like dogzone
  10. The anonymity of the online sale Is being misused as a gray market for selling stolen or missing dogs.  There are 5 cases this quarter where dogs were kidnapped up by thugs or students on a scooter
  11. One has no idea whether the dog advertised is the same as what you saw online . After all any dogs picture could be used.
  12. The AWBI notifications are clear on pup and mothers healthy condition and that no pup can be sold below 2 months & dogs above 6 months must be neutered. But most pups are listed as new borns or 45 days on the online listing
  13. India has some of the most compassionate laws on animals , even If poorly executed  , so as Indians, how can we in any form allow  , create and even exacerbate  an anti-animal stance ?
  14. Unhygienic puppy mills or backyards thrive as  they now can access to customers but  not require face to face sales , touch & feel, inspection of pet and rescue records , vaccinations etc.
  15. Whether home bred or in a kennel, AWBI rules mandate a breeder to register themselves with the State Animal Welfare Board of the respective States under the new rules and display breeders registration or license so they are able to control breeding conditions, medical or genetic conditions, health of dogs especially pups and mother . We have yet to see any online pet sale showing their breeders license . AWBI should ban these sellers and the online company should insist on this as per law.  Kennel Club of India (KCI) has a voluntary Breeders accreditation as well. Requirements around compulsory vaccinations, microchipping & DNA profiling are not met by most breeders.  For all the dog breeders it is mandatory to have this license & display it . I have not seen ONE license online so far.
  16. The condition and torture to the dogs, especially females is tragic & untenable. Young female dogs even at 6 months old or very old females are put through repetitive breeding without a care to their health, vet care, feeding , let along any affection. They are straddled in rape stands so they can be mated again and again. And when they stop being useful, they are either resold , dumped or  euthanized. The law is strict on abandonment of pets, but breeders ignore it and dump dogs or kill them . Dogs can be mated only between the ages of 1.5  to 8 years, only once a year and not more than 5 times in their life span- yet this is flouted repeatedly. Although mutilation is now  banned, ear cropping, tail docking still happens as new owners do not know.
  17. Information to be taken on suitability of prospective owners; which needs to be verified annually; if more than 6 months old, then needs to be rehabilitated through an Animal Welfare Organisation (AWO).  Since they are doing this online, arguably some of this burden shifts to online sales platform as well. Whereas the reality is that  no regulatory information is taken from buyer or seller.
  18. Law is also clear that sale of pups for experiments only to registered organizations; but through online , no way to track these etc. If  #Quikr & others are not obtaining this info, they are also helping breeders violate this law. The breeder is expected to have knowledge about everything related to the breeding of dogs like reproduction, nutrition, wellness, and care.
  19. Online sale & net access in many languages are encouraging non-urban young people and unemployed,  start unhealthy, backyard dog breeding facilities , steal dogs and exploit breeds for illegal dog-fighting, . and sickeningly, dog prostitution & bestiality.
  20. Not only do sites like Quikr and dogzone impose no dog sale bans, but also as per their policy, Point 2 (shockingly) specifically allows it
  21. When there such strong laws on online sale of liquor or wildlife,  the online sale of pets, which are live beings,  certainly need teeth to enforce. The Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2017  clearly state that pups can be sold only bu registered breeders, after 60 days of age & must not be displayed publicly for instant sale. Yet this flouted.
  22. There is very little control or regulation possible on breeding standards and processes as per the AWBI rules & regulations. So despite the rules, the online platform allows the best to be easily flouted. The Pet Shop Rules gazetted in  2017 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act  (PCA) which covers many of these ills are not yet notified by the center .
  23. Most dog and puppy sales are in cash & not under a registered pet/breeding license or establishment , so Income Tax Department should keep an eye on this market worth over 1000 crores.


  1. In Quikr Policies, Point 1 on restricted items does not exclude dogs, and Point 2 specifically includes cats and dogs
  2.  Lucy's Law allows dogs to be bought/adopted only from accredited shelters * certified breeders ( not online commercial breeders)
  10. Quikr Founder Pralay Chulet may be a success but what about those thousands of pups his company may have sent to a cruel life via his site ?
  18. Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2017
  19. Pet Shop Draft Rules 2017

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