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Rightfully have Freddy Kennedie Barleys GoFundMe monies released to him.

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Freddy Kennedie Barley (The brave young College student)

Earlier In July had police received a call about a tent pitched outside of Gordon State College in Barnesville, Georgia, they headed over and asked the occupant to come out with hands in sight Freddy Kennedie Barley, 19, came out of the tent and told the officers his story. He is homeless biology major who’d come to register for his second semester. freddy Barley had pedaled a 20-inch bike six hours from Conyers in the scorching Georgia heat with just his tent, a few belongings and some water camping out in his tent until the dorms open in August so he could look for a job! 

THE STORY..............

The officers brought him to a motel and paid for two nights. “I could tell he was a good kid … who had been dealt a bad hand,” Officer Dicky Carreker of the Gordon Police Department told the Herald-Gazette.

Carreker’s wife posted Barley’s story on a community Facebook page, and that’s when things really started to change for the student.

Not only does Barley now have a place to stay—the motel owner and a local resident, Casey Blaney, have paid for his stay through Monday, when the college will allow him to move into the dorms early—but he also now has a job at a local pizza joint and has been showered with gifts from strangers, including a new bike, clothes, and school supplies.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT................

Blaney also started a Success for Fred Facebook page and page, which has already raised more than $100,000. “More important than everything—the clothes, the shoes—the relationships mean so much more to me,” Barley said. But since so much money has been donated Casey Blaney has tied up the monies donated to FREDDY KENNEDIE BARLEY with lawyers and legal proceeding in an attempt to control the funds the community has donated to HIM by supposedly placing this money into a trust fund. Freddy Kennedie Barley has NOT spoken with her lawyers nor has he approved a trustee for this "Trust" fund. Numerous people who have donated want the money released directly to Freddy Kennedie Barley. Please sign our petition to stop the non-sense, have this young mans money released and let this young man continue to be responsible for his own future.

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