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Andrea Petrucci
fpo, NY, United States

Aug 21, 2015 — I apologise for not posting an update when one was clearly due to be posted. As many will no doubt know by now, the Relentlessly Gay campaign has ended, with all of the monies collected ultimately surrendered and given back to the donors. This took place on the 19th of August (perhaps during the afternoon), the day after the woman had made the announcement that she would relinquishing all donations. I am unsure if this petition helped in her decision to cut the crap, but a slight similarity between it and that last update makes me think that it may be a possibility. In any case, this petition is now no longer relevant, however, I tend to keep it up and unresolved for some time longer so as to ensure that it gets as many views as possible. I have done my best to share it elsewhere, including recent articles on the topic, but seeing as quite a few refuse to allow my comments to post (by either removing them or leaving them to "pend" indefinitely) and have even gone on to block me from commenting at all (possibly because they do not appreciate that a complete nobody has done what they themselves should have done long ago and is correcting what they have wrong), I need all of the help that I can get. Please help to raise awareness as to what seems to have gone on here. And if you have any questions, do ask. The majority of what I shared above, I myself documented -- I myself "found." So, I will probably be able to help you out if something seems a little confusing. Thank you for your support and -- for at least some of you -- for being able to understand just why we cannot simply turn a blind eye to these kinds of activities, regardless of the fact that it makes LGBT+ people look bad. Thank you for not being like the countless sheep who went on (and still do) to say that they do not care if the note was faked, that it didn't matter either way because it brought people together, etc. Give me a break, man. Seriously.

Find the latest articles on the RG campaign's demise by going here:

Here's the link to the GFM campaign:

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