GoFundMe Please Remove Israel Folau's Immoral Fundraiser!

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Multi-millionaire Israel Folau had his contract with Rugby Australia torn up and his employment terminated due to repeated violations of Rugby Australia's social media policy. This information was clearly spelled out in his contract (which he signed willingly), and he chose to violate the terms of his contract despite multiple warnings.

He is now engaging in frivolous legal action against his former employer and has started a fundraising campaign with the popular crowdfunding website to pay for his legal costs.

By doing so, he is falsy proclaiming himself as the victim of an injustice, and the violation of his employer's social media policy (multiple posts on Twitter and Instagram targeting vulnerable members with the community designed to encourage intolerance and discrimination) prevents him from practicing his religion freely.              

Crowdfunding is meant to raise funds for individuals looking to get innovative projects off the ground that could make valuable contributions to society, science, and the arts or help people who are less fortunate pay for things such as life-saving medical treatments. Fundraisers set up by families to help pay for treatments and medical equipment for their severely ill children make of the bulk of fundraisers on's platform. 

It is NOT meant for greedy, prejudiced millionaires to buy their way out of accepting responsibility for their words and actions as well as embolden undesirable elements in our society to persecute and vilify innocent people who live a different way or have different values to them.

We, the co-signers of this petition demand remove Israel Folau's immoral fundraiser and the money raised so far be returned to those undesirable elements of our society who feel Folau is more deserving of their money than sick children!           

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