"" should stop hosting the fund-raiser called the "MMS-defense-fund".

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"" should stop hosting the fund-raiser called the "MMS-defense-fund".

"MMS" is an acronym for a fraud-medicine originally called "Miracle Mineral Supplement" , subsequently the name was changed to "Master Mineral Solution" to avoid regulation , ( as “supplements” are a regulated product whose efficacy has to be proven ).

Sellers of MMS falsely-claim it can cure wide range of serious unrelated illnesses such as cancer , diabetes, HIV/AIDs , malaria , ebola, etc, etc, and that it can cure disorders such as autism. [ They also claim MMS is "natural" when it is man-made ].

A man called Louis Daniel Smith is facing criminal charges in the USA in relation to selling , importing & manufacturing MMS over a period of several years , please see this link to the US department of Justice’s statement for an accurate summary of the Louis Daniel Smith case.

A "GoFundMe" fundraiser appeared in December 2014 called the "mmsdefensefund" , [ which is a travesty of the truth ] , to raise funds for legal representation for Louis Daniel Smith and others who are involved in selling , manufacturing and distributing this MMS fake-medicine. 

There are ethical and legal reasons why no person or organisation should assist those engaged in committing this health-fraud. However there is a very specific reason why GoFundMe should not assist them by hosting the "mmsdefensefund" : doing so contravenes their own terms and conditions, which state …

  “ NOT ALLOWED ON GOFUNDME … campaigns… [relating to] … The purchase, transfer or production of non-FDA approved ingestible or consumable products … 

The mmsdefensefund relates to the substance MMS , ( clue in the title ) ,  the goal of the mmsdefensefund is to enable MMS to be sold , purchased , manufactured & consumed , without those involved ending up in jail.  MMS is definitely NOT approved by the FDA : they say it can cause "serious harm" and should be "discarded" rather than consumed.

So MMS is NOT " FDA approved " , and the purpose of the mmsdefensefund is to enable MMS to be manufactured , sold , purchased & consumed ,  so the mmsdefensefund contravenes the GoFundMe condition above , so the mmsdefensefund should never have been hosted by 

The mmsdefensefund is apparently taking in around two thousand dollars per day from unwitting members of the public ,  GoFundMe get 5% of that , which perhaps explains why GoFundMe permit it.

Finally a "heads-up" : the main force behind MMS is a criminal-cult called the "Genesis2Church", if you are going to sign this petition it seems wise to uncheck the box so that your name is not displayed on this website, so not visible to rabid cult members, some of whom are properly insane , [ cf. the harassment of critics of Scientology by cult members ].

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