Cancel Israel Folau’s Legal Fee Fundraiser and refund the money pledged

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Israel Folau was recently sacked for social media comments about homosexuals, atheists and drunks (among others). These comments are a clear breach of his employment conditions with Rugby Australia, and he has been warned that his conduct is unacceptable in the past.

Folau has now decided to launch a court case against Rugby Australia for unlawful dismissal and has taken to GoFundMe to seek donations from like-minded people. As of writing, he has raised $500,000 of his $3 million goal.

Folau is quite well off, as reported by many media outlets his assets include:

  • A property portfolio worth over $6 million.
  • A $500,000 Lamborghini 

Folau has also been one of the best paid football players in Australia for over a decade. So his assertion that he needs donations to fund his legal action are dishonest at best.

There are several other GoFundMe campaigns that he has surpassed in the 2 days since he launched the campaign. These include people fighting terrible and rare illnesses, people who have had a loved one die and are now on the verge of becoming homeless due to the financial hardship this has caused. These campaigns are getting little media attention and the people that started them are legitimately doing it tough.

Folau is claiming that his court case is about freedom of speech, freedom of religion and no person ever being sacked for their beliefs. Rugby Australia have previously stated that Israel is entitled to his beliefs, but the way he expresses them is harmful an unacceptable. Folau’s real case is him trying to get away with his hateful comments. He does not understand that freedom of speech does not mean that he can say whatever he likes without consiquence.

I am calling on GoFundMe to close Israel Folau’s campaign down. By liquidating some of his assets and becoming more frugal (like the rest of us), he can afford his own legal fees.

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