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Public apology for the unlawful killing of our beloved missing cat Yeti

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Our adored 18 year old blind cat Yeti (who my daughter grew up with) went missing in Hackney on the morning of Friday 29th June at 10.30am. On that same day she was found and unbelievably put down by Goddard's Vets by 3.30pm which we believe to be the unlawful killing of our much loved pet.

We had put up posters on trees and spread the news of our lost cat via facebook that same morning. Before Yeti had been killed by Goddards Vets, the kind woman who first found her on friday told us that she had took her home, fed her and gave her some water. But she did not realise Yeti was blind and thought she was injured. As Yeti kept walking into everything she took her to the vet. The vet made the woman register Yeti in her name with the RSPCA. In that way the RSPCA pay Goddard's and the vets would make a profit from it.

Yeti looked bad as she is elderly and got wet from the rain. The women practically begged the locum nurse at Goddard's not to put Yeti down saying that they should wait in case someone puts posters up as this was only about 1.30pm on Friday. At 3.30pm when the woman picked her kids up from school she saw our posters and called Goddard's to tell them but they told her they had already put Yeti down. They had killed our Yeti who had only been missing from us a few hours. The woman gave the vets my number that she had found on the poster but they did not call me until 12.30pm the next day on Saturday when they had closed.

Goddard's Vets locum nurse first told the woman that Yeti looked like she had been missing for months, had sores all over her then retracted that by saying her back legs were not working and that Yeti had internal bleeding. This was all lies. Goddard's actually told my family that the reason was that Yeti was stressed. No wonder she was stressed out she had been lost. The locum nurse for Goddard's had left her in a cage for a few hours then examined her, Yeti was growling, that's usual for her as she hates being touched by anyone. That's why we did not chip her as its too stressful, even taking her to the vets was a big task. So Godard's put a lost cat down because it was stressed out. Chip your animal no matter what.

There was nothing wrong with Yeti except for old age. She remembered that if you go out the back gate and go around the corner you get to the front of the house. We are putting her under the Mulberry tree, in a sunny spot in the garden, where she spent many happy years.

The incentive for vets practices is that they receive money from the RSPCA for every 'perceived' stray they put down. We miss Yeti so much and we are asking you to please sign this petition so that other pet owners do not go through the pain that myself and my family are going through. We would also like to receive an a public apology from Goddards Vets.

Andrea & Opc Francis.


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