Organised Purchase of Essential Commodities - to keep shops open.

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We request you to keep the essential commodities shops open - Groceries, Milk, Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Petrol, Medical & Other mentioned Essential commodity services. 

At the same time, we kindly request you to organise the purchasing.

Announce timeslots based on age-groups or use some kind of segregation for different set of people at different timings or even days. 

Many local people did not hoard. Also Business people ( employees and employers) including tourists & travellers ( foreign nationals especially ) are stuck in Goa due to Lockdown with no proper address for delivery. 

If there is no food and no goods - to people who are away from homes how are we going to survive ? 

Please give us some guidelines to follow while purchasing - to shop keepers & to public. 

Make sure those guidelines are strictly adhered. Police can help by extending their services to make sure that these guidelines are being followed. 

I strongly request Goa CM and Goa Government to think and come up with a solution that helps the citizens to survive in peace and harmony without panicking. 

Goa Resident, Indian Citizen