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Go Green Billing!

So many companies are embracing the go green movement, which encourages customers and companies to be environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible. I find it extremely bothersome that your company is not embracing this cultural and global movement.

I along with many of your other customers would like to go green and pay my bills on-line or over the phone, but the fact that you charge a $3.00 processing fee for all paperless bills is not only prehistoric but irresponsible. You are encouraging your customers to write checks, use paper, kill trees and to increase our carbon foot print.

Not only would I like to receive paperless billing (email notifications), but I would like to pay my bill on-line without incurring an additional $3.00 surcharge. Though a $3.00 surcharge seems minuscule, many customers would rather save some money than incur this additional fee. As stated before this fee is not only encouraging waste but is making Ista yet another company that doesn't seem to care about its customers or the earth, which is extremely sad.

Ista should not have to be bribed and forced into making a change, they should want to make a change. They should go green and encourage their customers to go green. Not only for a good company image or to make their customer's happy, but to make a difference in the world. To make sure that every employee and customer and their families have a bright and beautiful world for many years to come.

I hope this email is not in vain and that you take some serious time to consider the global impact your company is making by sending out these millions of pieces of paper each month and expecting millions of pieces of paper in return.

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