Glynn County Schools: Excuse Absences for the Total Eclipse on Aug 21, 2017

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We, the parents of Glynn County Students, respectfully request all student absences or early dismissals on Aug 21, 2017 for purposes of viewing the Total Solar Eclipse be excused. 

The Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun on Aug 21, 2017 is a "once in a lifetime" event.  A total eclipse has not spanned the United States since 1918.  The last total eclipse partially visible in the United States was in 1979.  While there is a total eclipse expected in 2024, it will only be visible in the Midwest.  Southeast Georgia, and most Southerners, will not get the chance to see another total eclipse until 2045.  

The 2017 eclipse will travel across our continent.  Viewers here will, for once, see the same sky as their fellow US citizens living across our land all the way to Oregon.  It is an extraordinary moment we can all experience together as a nation.

Unfortunately, Glynn county is not in the path of the total solar eclipse.  At best, we will have a view of approximately 85-90% of the eclipse.  Fortunately, the point of totality- the point where the sun is completely eclipsed- is a mere 3 hour's drive away to places in South Carolina and North Carolina.  

However, the Highway Departments and Tourism boards have already stated traffic will be congested that day.  They recommend eclipse viewers should leave several hours ahead of time if not the night before.  Children will have to miss a full day if they are to view the totality of the eclipse.

Furthermore, the eclipse will begin just after 1pm and achieve totality at approximately 2:40.  Totality will last for only a few minutes.  As you know, school is in session at this time.  Parents who want to share even the partial eclipse with their children will be forced to remove them from school.

Many, many parents are planning to take their children to see the eclipse.  The signatures on this petition represent only a small portion of children who will be absent Aug 21, 2017.  As it is too late to schedule a day off school, we request you allow all students to receive excused absences that day.

Many other school systems have recognized the importance of this event and have made arrangements for their students to see the eclipse.  Knox County, TN has announced it will use an Inclement Weather Day to close schools for the event.  The University of Georgia is opening their stadium to the public for the event.  Asheville, NC schools- which are near the path of totality- are encouraging students to take the day off for travel to see the events.  Schools in St. Louis are even busing children to the path of totality.

We understand it is too late to request a school holiday on Aug 21 for this remarkable learning experience.  In lieu of that possibility, we ask you excuse any eclipse related absences that day.  Naturally, parents would be expected to provide a note explaining the absence.  Likewise, students would be expected to make up for missed work in a timely manner according to the Code of Conduct. 

We thank you for your time and sincere consideration of this matter.  

Sincerely, the Parents of Glynn County,

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