Stagecoach gloucestershire revoke contract unless drastically improved service delivery

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Buses continuously late or don't even turn up, drivers are rude, short tempered and have very poor customer service skills such as no eye contact, often don't acknowledge you as you board the bus, often remain silent and threaten to throw you off the bus if you complain about the service. Drivers do nothing about loud music, anti social behaviour, smoking on board buses, drinking alcohol on board the buses and smoking drugs on board the buses. Buses are often in very poor repair and frequently breakdown mid journey.

This petition is for proactive and immediate change to the service delivery of Stagecoach buses in Gloucestershire, buses will be well maintained, enforce boarding rules, send out extra services in areas where issues beyond stagecoaches control is affecting the running and of meeting daily schedules, buses will not be late (5 minute exception), drivers will be placed on customer service courses, drivers who are rude or even become angry at customers will have they're employment terminated. The alternative is if Stagecoach fail to remedy the addressed issues is to revoke they're service contract in Gloucestershire for failing to deliver an adequate and acceptable service delivery to the public.