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Listen to your Stardoll members

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For many, is more than just an online dress-up game, it's a close-knit community. In order to have a successful growing community of over 400 million and growing, communication is essential. 

Many times have we been in need of real answers and we shoot customer support a message only to be given an automated response after three days. Yet, if anyone in the community were to "break" rules, you are swift to delete without further investigation. Stardoll members are taken for granted even when most invest hundreds of dollars each month. 

In addition, many members own more than one account. No where in the "one-stop" rules does it indicate that it is against rules to own more than one account. Also, by having multiple accounts it is also to happen that we will transfer items between our own accounts because there's no point in buying multiples of one item for all of our accounts. 

We do understand that you are also working to meet our demands but there is no point in setting up a support forum if we aren't receiving any support.

All this online community asks from Glorious Games Group AB is that we are given the recognition we deserve and pay for. As prices for membership and currency rise, you are giving us low-quality graphics. In addition to that, you have been deleting accounts without notice. We also deserve to have our questions fully answered in a timely manner and not get automated responses. 

We are sure that together we can make grow into a larger community with the proper communication between administration and members. 


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